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Gilmore Girls Cap Community

Fulfilling Your Screencap Needs

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Gilmore Girls Screencaps

Welcome to Gilmore Girls Cap Community.
A community to post, share and request screen caps from the show. The posts are not friends only, but make sure to join.

Caps made so far can be found in the Memories & Tags section of the community.

Please read the following before you join/post:

- Post or request caps from the show itself. Requests are only to be made if you absolutely cannot find what you are looking for in the Memories & Tags section.
- All screen caps must be behind an LJ cut.
- Please try and include the episode title and season in the subject.
- No icons, graphics or wallpapers. This is a caps only community. However, you can post a link to a icons challenge/lims here!
- Please respect the screen cap maker's requests and rules for their caps.

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Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide

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