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Mod Post

Hi there!

I've decided not to upload anymore screencaps to the Home of the Nutties site. I still keep getting the 500 error and it take a lot of time to load. When I get the time I'll zip my caps and post a link to them here.

Not all bad news I guess

Sorry and thanks for friending this journal *hugs*
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Mod Post!


I wanted to let you know that I am still here. I've been busy with work and I had problems with my computer, but GG caps is still alive. This week I have been trying to upload 4.06 to the site, but iy just won't let me. 4.05 is done...

Once I have season 7 I will also start capping that and load it on to the site as soon as possible (again, if it will let me)

Thanks for joining gg_caps!